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The WalletHub website says that drivers who convicted of a DUI can expect a rate increase of as much as 30 percent on their vehicle insurance. But all drivers who have a DUI in Los Angeles on their driving record may not face that same increase. Different insurance companies handle such infractions differently and consider several factors when making their

The Consumer Federation of America has released a study saying that one big factor is how rich a driver is. In a study that tested premiums quoted by five large insurers in 10 different cities, the group found that:

•    Upper-income drivers with DUI often pay less than good drivers of moderate means with no accidents or tickets on their driving records. (70 percent of the 30 test cases.)
•    Moderate-income drivers with perfect records pay more than upper-income drivers who caused an accident in which someone was interested. (53 percent of the 38 test cases)
•    Moderate-income good drivers often pay more than upper-income drivers with multiple points on their record. (In more than 50 percent of the 36 cases)

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A Halloween night DUI in Los Angeles left 10 people injured and a 40-year old man in jail for allegedly driving while impaired.
According to KTLA channel 5 and other local news reports, Michael Maurice Wilson had cocaine in his possession when police finally caught up with him after his out-of-control driving spree. Wilson, who was driving a rented U-Haul truck, allegedly initially sideswiped a parked vehicle on Seventh Street. But he didn’t slow down, and ended up traveling a short distance in the wrong direction on Seventh Street. He finally crashed into a motorcycle carrying two passengers and a vehicle with four occupants. (The driver of that vehicle was making an Uber run.) Wilson then plowed into a sidewalk, hitting several pedestrians before coming to a stop.dui-los-angeles-halloween-defense

Wilson, who told police he had been heading to the store, abandoned his truck but didn’t get far before police arrived.

Ten people received injuries during Wilson’s scary Halloween drive; three ended up in the hospital, but police said none of the injuries was life-threatening. Wilson allegedly admitted that he was under the influence of marijuana, and police booked him on charges of DUI and possessing cocaine.

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Even if you’ve been consumed by concern over a recent Los Angeles DUI arrest, you’ve no doubt at least been aware of the hand wringing and impassioned discussion about California’s epic drought and the impact that it will have on industry, communities and homeowners.California-drought-and-your-los-angeles-DUI

Despite California’s implementation of water conservation measures, many engineers worry that, with our reservoirs running low and longer concerns about climate change adding uncertainty to the mix, water planning challenges will abound for some time.

  • Will the drought subside as El Nino surges in the Pacific?
  • Will we continue to deplete our aquifers until we are forced to take extreme measures, like cutting off water to almond farmers or forcibly desalinizing the Pacific to keep our cities hydrated?

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Angels Camp, California, may have a heavenly-sounding name but during the weekend of May 15-17th the behavior of drivers in the area was more on the devilish side. While six arrests for a Los Angeles DUI within a few days may not be surprising—LA does have more than 3.8 million residents—it is a pretty big number in a city like Angeles Camp, which has a population of less than 4,000.saturation-patrol-dui-los-angeles

A grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration paid for officers to conduct “saturation patrols” to look for DUI drivers. According to, those picked up under sweep included:

• Rodney OConnor, age 46. Police stopped him after he failed to stop at a stop sign. They found that he was driving under the influence.
• Officers arrested Robert Matt, age 46, for DUI after stopping him for crossing over a double yellow line.
• Coty Matulovich, age 28, didn’t have license plates on his vehicle and failed led to stop at a stop sign. When police pulled him over, they determined he was driving under the influence.
• Forty-four year old Carrie Lowe was driving on the left side of the double yellow line when police picked her up. After a brief investigation, they charged her with DUI.
• Burnt-out brake and taillights—and failure to stop at a stop sign—alerted police to a potential problem in the case of 32-year old Daniel Porovich. After the cops pulled him over, they determined he was DUI.
• Jessica Waite drove over the limit line on Live Oak Drive. Police tested the 29-year-old and charged her with DUI.

What should you do if you or someone you love faces a serious DUI count? Will you go to jail? Will you lose your license? Call Los Angeles DUI defense lawyer Michael Kraut immediately to understand your options and craft a strategic response.

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What could be worse than getting picked up for a Los Angeles DUI? Getting picked up in Nevada while driving under the influence and carrying a gun–and then punching a state trooper in the face. Under those circumstances, being the brother of a high-profile U.S. Senator may not be of any help.larry-reid-DUI-mugshot

Larry Reid, the younger brother of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, was apparently driving his black Lexus SUV in the median of Highway 95 between Boulder City and Searchlight, Nevada around noon on February 2. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that when a Nevada trooper stopped Reid around noon on February 2, the 73-year-old was slurring his words so badly that the officer couldn’t understand what he was saying.

Reid wanted to leave and began cursing when the officer told him no. He put the vehicle into gear, and when the trooper reached into the car to move it back into park, Reid allegedly slugged him twice in the face. The trooper subdued Reid after a scuffle, then searched the SUV and found a gun. Reid ended up spending the night in the Clark County jail.

The Senator’s brother is facing a barrage of charges, including DUI, battery on a protected person, driving in or across the median, failure to obey or comply with an officer, violation of the seatbelt requirement and possession of a gun while under the influence of alcohol, according to Fox News.

The morning after the arrest, Reid reportedly had no recollection of what had happened. He thought he had been in an accident.

To respond effectively to your charges, call a qualified Los Angeles DUI lawyer with the Kraut Law Group today to schedule a free consultation.

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People who have had a drink or two (or three) often don’t realize that they shouldn’t drive because they’re over the legal limit for blood alcohol content. That could change if Uber (the app that connects people needing rides to those willing to offer them) is successful in a new partnership with Breathometer, a startup company featured on the Shark Tank television show last year. The partnership might not eliminate everyone’s need for a Los Angeles DUI attorney, but it could reduce the number of DUI arrests in the city and in others.uber-los-angeles-DUI

Breathometer gives people the ability to check their blood alcohol content. It works through a combination of a smart phone app connected by Bluetooth technology to a device that people breathe into after they’ve been drinking. In less than a minute, people can get their BAC measurements to determine whether or not they’re legally safe to drive.

The partnership between Uber and Breathometer should make it easier for anyone who’s had a little too much to drink to get a ride, because they will be able to call Uber directly from the Breathometer smartphone app. The idea is that people will be less likely to get behind the wheel if they have this quick-call option.
Uber has been claiming that its service is reducing the number of DUI drivers. A joint Uber/Mothers against Drunk Driving study suggests that the availability of Uber as a transportation alternative helped decrease the number of DUI crashes in a city by 60 percent for drivers under 30. But ProPublica, a public interest journalism website, said that while the drop in accidents may correlate with the presence of Uber in a certain city, there’s no proof that Uber is actually the cause of that drop.

Designing and executing an effective defense against DUI charges (even simple ones) is not intuitive. Fortunately, you can trust the seasoned, highly successful Michael Kraut. Call a DUI lawyer in Los Angeles with nearly two decades of experience.

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Not all Los Angeles DUI incidents are terrifying.dui-truck-crash-on-101

But when truck drivers get behind the wheel while DUI or under the influence of drugs — and then drive recklessly — they can endanger not just themselves but also dozens of people.

Witness what happened earlier this year, when a FedEx truck driver careened out of control on the 5 near San Francisco and hit a school bus, leading to dozens of injuries and many fatalities. Fortunately, a Sunday evening accident on the 101 at Lindero Canyon Road did not lead to fatalities, but it certainly could have.

The big rig driver — who was later arrested on suspicion of DUI — allegedly had some serious driving issues on Sunday night prior on the 101. According to California Highway Patrol Officer, Monica Posada, “the big rig was eastbound with an empty trailer and prior to the collision was reported reckless… the driver drifted to the right shoulder and travelled left across all lanes, colliding into the center divider. The driver exited the big rig, and it caught fire from the spilled diesel.”

In addition to burning up to concrete divider, the big rig spilled debris and diesel fuel all over the road, creating a big mess, not to mention serious hazards for police and cleanup crews.

Luckily, emergency workers did not have to navigate that hellish complex of obstructions and dangers to rescue anybody. However, in other similar accidents, the situation can be far grimmer.

If you’re a truck driver accused of driving DUI, you can lose your license, your job and your ability to drive other commercial trucks. Your insurance rates can spike, making you less hirable, and you can go to jail. You can also be subject to special approbation, if you drove a commercial or government vehicle.

The point is that you may face an amalgam of trouble.

Fortunately, the team here at the Kraut Law Group can provide a confident, thorough and compassionate defense for you. Please contact us immediately to schedule your Los Angeles DUI truck defense, or peruse Mr. Kraut’s website to learn more about him, his team, and their approach.
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Our Los Angeles DUI blog strives to humanize the experience of being arrested and prosecuted for driving under the influence.dui-jail-los-angeles

DUI charges can be isolating and scary. Many defendants feel like they are “in it alone.” So it can be helpful to survey the vast catalogue of DUI events that happen every day and put those events into context. To that end, let’s take a close look at two poignant June DUI stories.

First, let’s head up to Montana, where 63-year-old Rick Fincher of Big Sky recently got hit with his third DUI charge… while en route to bail his wife out on charges of DUI!

According to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Fincher got word that police stopped his 44-year-old wife, Stacey Joe Fincher, and arrested her for DUI. She allegedly tested at 0.201% BAC – more than 2.5 times the legal limit here in California.

Police then pulled over Fincher’s pickup truck near the jail; his BAC allegedly tested at 0.159% – nearly twice the legal limit.

Meanwhile, an alleged DUI driver hit and killed 81-year-old Edward Salkin in Corona Del Mar on June 12, near Morning Canyon Road. Officers arrested a Costa Mesa resident, 23-year-old Robert Greaney, in connection with fatal accident. Salkin had been a Professor of Pedatric Dentistry at USC, and he operated a thriving practice in Huntington Beach.

Whether you face manslaughter charges or less serious but still scary charges, like a misdemeanor count per CVC 23152, call the Kraut Law Group today to schedule a free and confidential consultation with an experienced Los Angeles DUI defense lawyer.
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We live in a world that, through no fault of any one person, has created stiff and unfair challenges for DUI defendants in Los Angeles.confusion-los-angeles-DUI-defense

Why? Because we are all totally blitzed with marketing messages about DUI defense (and everything else under the sun). We have limited, attention and skills to tell truth from fiction.

For a dramatic illustration of just how many DUI-related marketing messages are out there — and how conflicting these messages are — do a Google search about the effectiveness of breathalyzer tests.

We won’t discuss their merit (or lack thereof) now — we’ve already spilled plenty of virtual ink on the subject. Just recognize that just trying to parse the truth about that debate alone can take you hours and hours and hours.

And if you’re someone who has been recently arrested, you may not have hours and hours and hours. In fact, you may not have much time at all before “bad things” start to happen in your life, such as a CA driver’s license suspension, your boss firing you, your girlfriend or boyfriend breaking up with you because of your Los Angeles DUI, and so forth.

As a result, many defendants make decisions based on hearsay, random materials they find online or elsewhere, or intuition borne not out of science but out of desperation.

It’s tricky because, when you take bad advice about your Los Angeles DUI, based on some random snippet of news or argument you read online, the consequences could be severe. You could face massive jail time, fines and the your loss of your driver’s license – all of which, in retrospect, might not be strictly necessary.

So how can you break out of this morass? The simplest and easiest method, always, is to find a very experienced, highly qualified person or company — one who has demonstrated results in situations similar to yours — and retain that person or company to help you.

The good news is that, in the case of Los Angeles DUI defense, attorney Michael Kraut of the Kraut Law Group is available for consultation. Mr. Kraut has a great track record of success. Please connect with him and his team today to set up your effective, efficient defense. Continue reading

Breaking Los Angeles DUI news…josh-brent-dui

A jury has found ex-Dallas Cowboy lineman, Josh Brent, guilty of DUI manslaughter after deliberating for only two days.

Brent crashed his Mercedes in the early morning hours of December 8, 2012, killing his passenger, Jerry Brown, a fellow Cowboy, in an awful crash. The nose tackle — who played 12 games in the 2012 season for the Cowboys — faces up to 20 years behind bars. Stacy Jackson, Brown’s mother, says that she forgives Brent, and she plans to testify to help him get a lighter sentence.

The verdict came just a few weeks after another Texas DUI manslaughter case concluded. In that case, a defendant named Ethan Couch got let off with just probation, after he caused a crash that killed four people. Couch’s “affluenza” defense sparked an intense and vigorous debate in Texas, online, and elsewhere.

The Case Against Brent

Prosecutors showed jurors receipts from the night in question, showing that Brent had purchased three bottles of champagne. Brent was also seen in pictures holding champagne bottles in each hand, and jurors saw footage of Brent in the police vehicle’s dashboard cam stumbling during a field sobriety test. Prosecutors called Brent’s a “textbook” DUI manslaughter case, and they argued “[DUI drivers] shouldn’t be driving, no exceptions, no excuses!”

Jerry Jones, the owners of the Cowboys, talked to the media about the conviction: “certainly it’s tragic. We’ve all, to some degree, have been a part of this… we support Josh. This has been a terrible experience for the families who lost a loved one and for Josh who loved Jerry as well.”

Prosecutors said that Brent and his friends had gone to Privae, a private club in the Dallas area, and consumed alcohol before driving. Brent’s attorney countered that Brent had only been “guilty of being stupid behind the wheel of a car.”

Here’s a quick primer on Southern California DUI gross vehicular manslaughter cases.

Penal Code Section 191.5 (A) outlines what prosecutors must prove to win a gross vehicular manslaughter case.

First, the prosecution must show that a driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol — i.e. that his blood alcohol concentration was 0.08% or above.

Second, the prosecution must show that the driver committed a misdemeanor or infraction — or some other act that could have caused someone to die.

The prosecution must also show that this act was committed with “gross negligence” – a kind of negligence above and beyond a normal lack of attention or carelessness.

Finally, the prosecution must show that said conduct resulted in someone’s death.

Defending against DUI manslaughter charges can be complex, fraught work. If you or someone you love needs help with a serious Los Angeles DUI defense, connect with ex-prosecutor Michael Kraut and his legal team today for guidance.
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