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DUI-under-21-years-old-los-angelesA Los Angeles DUI conviction can result in severe penalties to drivers over 21. However, individuals who are under the legal drinking age can face even greater legal, social and emotional consequences for driving under the influence.

A Woodridge, IL teenager is learning this lesson the hard way.

On September 14, police arrested eighteen-year-old Hope Brown after an alleged DUI-related “joy ride” resulted in property damage. The young woman apparently lost control of her Mustang while driving south in a residential area. Per news reports, after she struck multiple parked cars, Brown veered into a front yard, where she hit a vehicle in the driveway before colliding with the house itself. The impact further damaged another car in the garage.

Brown fortunately sustained only minor injuries during the accident, but she did require medical treatment. Authorities released her after she posted bail, and she will appear in court on October 21.

What Happens When Underage Drivers Get Arrested for DUI?

In many states (including California), individuals under the legal drinking age face a distinct legal process after a DUI arrest. This process differs from the process that a driver over 21 must face in several important ways:

•    Automatic license suspension. Any underage DUI conviction comes with a license suspension of one year. If you don’t already have a license, you will be unable to receive one for an additional year.

•    Zero tolerance. Drivers of legal drinking age must stay within the BAC threshold of 0.08%, but those under 21 can face serious penalties even for testing at a very low blood alcohol level — just 0.01% or higher.

•    Additional penalties. Besides the required civil repercussions, underage drivers with 0.08% or higher blood alcohol levels are also subject to the state’s regular DUI consequences, such as jail time, fines, probation, and alcohol classes.

If you are under 21 and you face DUI charges — or if you’re a concerned parent or friend of a minor accused of underage DUI — call Los Angeles DUI attorney Michael Kraut of the Kraut Criminal & DUI Lawyers. Attorney Kraut can work with you to craft a strong, strategic defense to protect your freedom, your license and your rights. Contact us today to set up a consultation.


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This Los Angeles DUI blog spends a lot of time talking directly to offenders and direct relatives of offenders.under-21-dui-los-angeles

But what if you’re concerned about a person who isn’t in your family? What if one of your teenage son’s good friends, for instance, got arrested for driving under the influence? What then? What should you do? What CAN you do?

Obviously, the answer depends on the context of the arrest. For instance, did your son do anything illegal or not? Was he hurt? Did he supply the alcohol that the other young man drank? How many people were arrested? Did charges include drug possession, hit and run, resisting arrest, etc? If your son faces charges also, you’ll likely want to retain an effective Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer at your earliest convenience.

On the other hand, you might want to consider another subtle danger that has to do with your son’s peer group. As adolescent psychologists will tell you, peers can profoundly influence on one another. If your son, for instance, hangs out with kids who are driving DUI in Los Angeles and engaged in other criminal activity, he will be much more likely to ape that bad behavior and get in trouble himself. As a parent, you have only limited control over your child’s behavior and decisions. But if you can get your son to stop hanging around with kids who break the law, that’s a great idea.

Obviously not every kid who gets arrested is a “bad seed.” And even the most brilliant, moral, sober-minded people make mistakes and go through challenging times. So you shouldn’t necessarily be prejudiced just because of this one incident. However, in general, pay attention to the peer group’s influence, and respectfully steer your son towards people who exhibit values that resonate with you.

For practical, nuts and bolts help with your (or your son’s) underage Los Angeles DUI defense, look to Harvard Law School educated lawyer Michael Kraut of the Kraut Criminal & DUI Lawyers. Mr. Kraut spent more than 14 years in the District Attorney’s office, prosecuting crimes, so he has a compelling and unique viewpoint on criminal defense cases.
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