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California state legislators occasionally revisit laws against driving under the influence in an attempt to reduce the number of cases of DUI in Los Angeles and other locales around the state. But Illinois lawmakers appear to be moving in a different direction. They recently passed legislation—signed by Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner—that allows the return of Happy Hour in bars around the state.illinois-law-dui-los-angeles-analysis

Don’t expect a free-for-all at local watering holes between the hours of four and seven, however. The new law comes with fairly restrictive provisions that should make it less likely that people will overindulge before they get behind the wheel.

When Illinois abolished happy hours in the state back in 1989, the law’s proponents hoped that the restrictions would reduce the number of people who drove under the influence. An Associated Press story reported, statistics suggest that the law did not do much to alter the number of DUI arrests. Backers of the new 2015 law, meanwhile, argued that the law’s passage would help increase alcohol sales, which in turn would increase money flowing into the state’s coffers.

According to the AP story, bars in Illinois can now offer drink specials up to four hours a day, as long as the number of happy hours for a bar or restaurant doesn’t exceed 14 a week. Establishments can’t, however, offer specials like two drinks for the price of one or unlimited drinks for a fixed price.

So far—and perhaps somewhat surprisingly—advocacy groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists have taken a neutral stance on the law. Along with the Illinois state legislators, they will probably be watching what happens to the number of DUI arrests in the state. In 1989, police in Illinois arrested more than 49,000 motorists for DUI. By 2013, that number had fallen to fewer than 35,000, mirroring a national trend.

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Quick quiz: let’s say someone pulls you over on suspicion of driving under the influence in Los Angeles. Should you:arrested-for-dui-spit-at-police

(a) Cooperate with the officer and avoid making your situation worse?

(b) Spit in the officer’s face?

If you answered (a), you are correct. If you answered (b), you may have something in common with 47-year-old Gabriel Fenteany, a chemistry professor at the University of Connecticut (UConn). Police in Vernon, Connecticut busted Fenteany Saturday night for allegedly driving under the influence, after officers noticed him failing to signal as he drove into a parking lot.

Officers said he failed field sobriety tests, and they set his bond at $2500. In California, police administer diverse types of field sobriety tests (FSTs), such as:

•    Finger to the nose test. While closing your eyes, you reach your arms out on both sides and then try to touch your nose with the tips of your fingers.
•    Horizontal nystagmus test. A police officer shines a light in your eyes to look for delayed pupil reactions, which can be signs of DUI.
•    Count backwards by threes test. This test measures your mental acuity. If you’re DUI, you should be less capable of sustaining the concentration it takes to subtract numbers in your head;
•    Walk the line test. This is the most famous DUI test. The driver must walk on a painted line, like a balance beam, to demonstrate equilibrium and coordination.

Professor Fenteany’s bust was actually just another unfortunate event in a long stream of unpleasant events for him. Back in December, the Assistant Professor of Chemistry got in trouble with the law, after he damaged cars in the town of Greenwich and urinated in the parking lot. In wake of that incident, UConn placed him on administrative leave. Meanwhile, last month, police came to his apartment to enquire about a welfare check, and he allegedly used a racial slur and kicked and spit at the police officer who showed up.

There is no reason to make your legal situation worse than it is.

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