Man Loses Legs in DUI Collision

All too often drivers arrested for DUI in Los Angeles may come away from a crash unscathed while some innocent bystander suffers life-threatening or life-changing injuries. The latest out-of-state example comes from Denver, where a 19-year old under the influence of drugs crushed the legs of a man in a DUI-related crash.dylan-gottschling-DUI

Denver Channel 7 reported that 19-year old Dylan Gottschling was driving under the influence of two drugs—heroin and Xanax—when he slammed into the back of a parked SUV on July 4th. The SUV, pushed forward, struck another vehicle; unfortunately, Craig Towler had been standing between them.

The crash pinned Towler and crushed his two legs. To save his life, physicians had to amputate both legs below the knee.

Gottschling, arrested for DUI, reckless driving and vehicular assault, admitted he had been trying to change music on his phone when he hit the SUV. But police think there was more involved; they also charged the teen with texting while driving.

Meanwhile, in Annapolis, Maryland, James Bruce, 74, hit two pedestrians who were crossing a street, although not at a crosswalk. Bruce first hit the 32-year-old man, but stopped his vehicle and put it in reverse when he realized there was a problem. Unfortunately, he forgot to take the car out of reverse, and police believe it may have rolled backwards and hit the woman after Bruce left the car. Emergency responders took the male pedestrian to Shock Trauma with life-threatening injuries and sent the woman to a nearby hospital with serious, but not life-threatening, injuries.

Although Bruce’s blood alcohol content measured .06 (below the .08 legal limit), he failed the field sobriety test, and police charged him with DUI and driving while impaired.

California Vehicle Code 23152 (a) defines driving with a BAC of .08 as DUI. But even if a breathalyzer measures a driver’s BAC as below that level, police officers may still arrest him/her based on their observations of slurred speech, problems with basic motor skills and other signs that the driver may be suffering from intoxication.

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