Former TV Host and Radio DJ Busted for Driving Under the Influence in Southern California

The San Diego Union Tribune has reported that a former radio and TV anchor/personality, Allison Ross, was arrested early Sunday morning for driving under the influence in Southern California. Ross was a Southland celebrity in the 1970s and 1980s, during which time she anchored local TV station 8 (KFMB). In the 1990’s, Ross became a traffic reporter and got her own radio show on KNSD (7/39), which she co-hosted with former mayor, Roger Hedgecock.allison_ross_dui.jpg

According to reports, Ross had been driving the wrong way on the 7600 block of Faye Avenue, when she almost plowed headfirst into an oncoming police car. The officer swerved out of the way, then pivoted and followed her onto Kline Street. He pulled her over, administered a field sobriety test, and arrested Ross for misdemeanor DUI. She was taken to a local women’s prison in the nearby town of Santee.

Apparently, this is the 55-year-old’s first ever Southern California misdemeanor DUI charge.

Long Beach DUI law stipulates that a first-time misdemeanor offense can still be punished quite severely. Penalties can include:

* Mandatory interlock ignition device installation (law went into effect January 1, 2010)
* Two full days (48 hours) in jail, minimum; up to six months in prison, maximum
* Minimum of six weeks in DUI alcohol school (max, nine months)
* Suspension of Southern California driver’s license — license can be suspended for a whole year with no restricted license permitted
* Fines and court costs. The maximum fine is “only” $1000, but the court costs can significantly exceed this number.
* Probation. You may have to check in with a probation officer on a regular basis and/or abide by other court-imposed limitations on your freedoms.

To respond effectively to charges of misdemeanor DUI in Long Beach or elsewhere in Southern California, you generally need superior legal help. Obviously, you have the right to defend yourself in court alone if you choose, but given the significant consequences for your future if you don’t muster the best possible defense, it makes sense to connect with a knowledgeable, passionate, and credible lawyer today.

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