Finding a “Good Enough” Los Angeles DUI Attorney Amid the Unbelievable Amounts of “Noise Pollution” Online

As you research prospective Los Angeles DUI attorneys, you’re bound to stumble across many, many different blogs and websites of potentially viable candidates.choose-a-los-angeles-dui-lawyer

Some sites may look austere, dry and professional. Others may be far more involved and feature lots of multimedia whiz-bang business – video tutorials, white papers, in-depth free online slide shows, etc.

Unfortunately, the most effective DUI attorneys don’t necessarily have the most spectacular websites, and vice versa. There are some excellent attorneys who just don’t have the time/energy/need to build a massive online presence, because they get tons of business through referrals or through a minimalist online marketing system.

So where does that leave you, as you try to sift through the noise?

Obviously, since this is a DUI blog run by a particular law firm (the Kraut Criminal & DUI Lawyers), we can’t exactly offer objective guidance! But there are some universally sound ways of vetting prospective attorneys. For instance:
•    Look at both objective and subjective measures of success. For instance, has the attorney won plaudits not just from past clients but also from objective third-party sources?
•    Can the lawyer or law firm recite impressive statistics (such as the fact that Mr. Kraut can say that he achieved over 99% success rate at jury trials, while serving as a criminal prosecutor)?
•    Have there been any business or ethics complaints against the firm?
•    Is the firm willing to provide a free and confidential consultation?

No vetting process is perfect. Given the nature of your case, many different attorneys may be up to the task of dispatching your matter effectively. But remember: your goal is to pass the “good enough” threshold. For a very minor matter, many lawyers might be up for the job. For more complex situations, your choice of attorney might matter more — a lot more, in fact.

What may appear to be a minor case could turn out to be something major. So that’s the tricky part! For instance, let’s say that police stopped you on Santa Monica Boulevard, after you and some friends had been partying, and cited you with a misdemeanor Los Angeles DUI charge. You didn’t hurt anybody. You didn’t fight with police. There was no additional “drama.” But the simple nature of your case may be an illusion. As your attorney delves into the evidence, he may find that the police behaved unconstitutionally, and your case may hinge on his ability to prove some obscure, very complex point of constitutional law.

Given the high stakes you face – the potential for jail time, massive fines and fees, and restrictions on your freedom and California drivers’ license – your attorney’s ability to find and debate that subtle piece of constitutional law suddenly takes on a whole new meaning.

The point is this: take your time. Do due diligence, and really investigate potential legal resources. Feel free to connect with Harvard Law School educated, ex-prosecutor Michael Kraut today for a free, thorough, and confidential consultation about your Los Angeles DUI defense. You can trust the Kraut Law Firm for ethical, resourceful insight.

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