Two Insane, Unrelated DUI Incidences — a Drag Race Car Flip and a Fast Food Drive-Thru (Literally)

Most Los Angeles DUI incidences don’t make the news because they are mundane and commonplace. Cases involving celebrities, politicians, athletes, etc., do get media attention, but some of the most interesting cases are also the most bizarre

Today, we’re going to look at two such “wild DUI” crashes.

The first occurred in Urbana, Illinois, when 47-year-old Leslie Srajek allegedly drove her car into McDonalds. No, she didn’t use the drive-thru to order food. She literally “drove through” the restaurant, knocking over a booth and a table as she tried to extract her vehicle.

Rescue workers took her to the Carle Foundation Hospital, and authorities later hit her with charges of driving without license and DUI. She faces a court date on May 16th. Her Honda Coupe was destroyed in the crash.

Kate Garbacz, an eyewitness, described what happened in detail: “The Honda was close to a stop, then [Srajek] gunned it and crossed into the McDonald’s parking lot entrance and accelerated quickly… It looked like [she] accelerated, cut the wheel, no slowing, no attempt at stopping, just boom, straight in … She went over that parking hump and the sidewalk and literally took out that whole wall. The car was three-quarters of the way into the dining room.”

Fortunately, no one in the restaurant was injured.

Meanwhile, out in South Dakota, a local man named Heith Jibben lost control of his vehicle while drag racing another driver on a local road. During the “race,” Jibben’s Taurus hit a white SUV, causing the car to flip over three times, like something out of The Dukes of Hazzard. Authorities took the SUV driver to the hospital: fortunately, he suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Jibben reportedly tested at a BAC level of 0.167 percent – that’s more than double the legal limit in SD and here in Southern California.

Jibben collected his fifth lifetime DUI arrest.

In Los Angeles, if you are convicted multiple times of DUI within a 10 year period, your punishments can become quite intense. For instance, a first time offender (for a misdemeanor) may face just a few hours to a few days behind bars. A third time offender, meanwhile, can face up to 180 days behind bars (minimum); and prosecutors can even ask that what normally be a misdemeanor charge be elevated to a felony charge.

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