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A recent post on our Los Angeles DUI blog, we spoke about how alcohol affects the brain’s ability to care about mistakes. There’s never a shortage of news to justify that finding. Here are ten of the dumbest mistakes people have made while intoxicated:top-10-los-angeles-dui

1.    A drunk man in Florida caused a scene and repeatedly called 911 after being told he was not allowed to bring his kitten into a strip club. He was arrested for misuse of 911 and public intoxication.

2.    An intoxicated Louisiana man rode his horse into a bar and lassoed a patron, attempting to drag him into the parking lot.

3.    Police arrested an inebriated man in Pennsylvania after catching him trying to resuscitate a dead opossum on the side of the highway.

4.    Police arrested a man in Cincinnati after he drank too much alcohol, streaked nude though his yard, and somehow ended up in his neighbor’s dryer.

5.    Police confronted a visibly intoxicated Floridian man for firing off guns on a public beach dock. During the conversation with the deputy, the man pooped his pants. He was arrested for use of a firearm while intoxicated.

6.    A North Carolina man was arrested for drunkenly riding a bicycle while wielding a chainsaw.

7.    A drunk Toronto man had to be rescued from his neighbor’s chimney. He climbed in, trying to enter the home, but got stuck and spent 5 hours in the freezing cold.

8.    A man was arrested for public intoxication in Minnesota when he tried to make a phone call with a $20 bill, convinced it was his phone.

9.    An intoxicated Canadian man was arrested at a Christmas parade for screaming to little kids that Santa isn’t real.

10.    An intoxicated man in Minneapolis was arrested for breaking into a home and destroying a toilet, causing almost $2,000 in damage. He was charged with burglary.

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One of our recent blog posts covered some strange Los Angeles DUI stories, and today’s tale isn’t any less bizarre. On February 17th, an Australian man presented at a local hospital with a deep chainsaw wound that he had allegedly caused himself. chainsaw-Timothy-Woodrow

After accidentally cutting his hand with a chainsaw, Timothy Woodrow stitched the wound at home and doused it in gin before taking a few swigs for the pain. He attempted to drive himself to the hospital while intoxicated. Police pulled him over for neglecting to stop at a stop sign. When they tested Woodrow’s BAC, they found he was significantly over the legal limit and arrested him.

Alcohol and Judgment

What makes strange errors of judgment so frequent with DUI cases?

New research into alcohol’s effect on the brain indicates that the same reaction that causes impaired judgment is also responsible for slowing the brain’s “alarm signal” response. This response alerts other parts of the brain that something is wrong.

Researchers measured participants’ moods, perception, and accuracy while performing computer tasks under the influence. Results showed that the affected participants made little effort to correct or avoid errors. The researchers found that alcohol’s influence on the brain doesn’t actually reduce its ability to recognize mistakes, but instead affects the ability to care about them. Participants in the study simply didn’t feel bothered by the mistakes they knew they were making.

Perhaps this is why people sometimes find themselves apologizing to friends the morning after a night of drinking. This may give some insight into why people insist on driving when they know they’ve had too much to drink. An individual may recognize that driving would be a mistake, but he or she feels confident that “everything will be fine” and gets behind the wheel anyway.

If you made a mistake, and police arrested you for a DUI, seek experienced counsel to respond to your charges. Call a qualified Los Angeles DUI lawyer with the Kraut Law Group today to schedule a free consultation.

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Los Angeles DUI attorneys completely understand the long-term impact of a DUI conviction. Every case and every individual faces different repercussions. One person may bounce back from a conviction with help from a supportive community. Others face being ostracized and having difficulty finding work and building meaningful relationships.long-term-dui-costs

Long-term consequences include:

•    Employment difficulties. Any convictions appear in background checks, and they may preclude you from obtaining gainful employment. DUI convictions, in particular, can immediately disqualify an individual from the hiring process. Fighting a conviction with a full-time job means missing work for court dates and addressing other legal hurdles.

•    Increased financial burden. DUI sentencing normally includes some form of pecuniary obligation. Lawyer fees, court fees, sentencing fines, and increased auto insurance costs affect individuals who are convicted in the short- and long-term. Insurance companies place those convicted of DUIs in high risk categories with high rates for years into the future.

•    Inability to drive. Driver’s license revocations make completing daily tasks more difficult for anyone who does not live near public transportation. You may have to rely on others for social and work transportation. This consequence often carries over into other areas of life, causing frustration and other emotional challenges.

•    Difficulty maintaining relationships. A DUI conviction can forever change both personal and professional relationships. Your professional reputation may suffer, and relationships with colleagues and superiors may change. You may experience incessant worry from friends and relatives. Relationship challenges may arise even without a conviction. The emotional burden of a conviction can potentially cause you to feel judgment and insecurity, even in supportive relationships.

You may lose trust with friends, employers, and family members. Some people face the full extent of social and economic consequences after a conviction, making it easier to become a repeat offender and perpetuate the cycle.

To respond effectively to your charges, call a qualified Los Angeles DUI lawyer with the Kraut Law Group today to schedule a free consultation.

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Even Los Angeles DUI attorneys get a chuckle out of some of the bizarre DUI charges brought against individuals throughout the world. Sometimes the definition of “motorized vehicle” stretches even the best imagination, and other times people exhibit a complete lack of common sense.goat-dui-los-angeles

Regardless, the stories of these crazy DUI instances live on through the internet. Here are a few of our favorites:

1.    Man arrested for DUI on a horse. One inebriated individual decided to ride a horse around a strip mall while intoxicated. The man clearly exhibited signs of intoxication, but the police scratched their heads after the arrest. They knew how to handle an intoxicated man, but what do you do with his horse?

2.    Russian tank crash. This case is not a DUI, per se. Russian soldiers decided to make a trip for more vodka – in a tank. During the trip, a solider steered the tank directly into a civilian house. A second crash very nearly occurred when the tank backed out of the first home. The official story from the Russian military blames mechanical malfunctioning for the accident.

3.    Motorized coolers, Barbie cars, and wheelchairs. Three separate DUIs from around the world feature these “motorized vehicles.” A man riding a motorized cooler with a 50cc engine faces DUI charges in Australia. Officers pulled Paul Hutton of England over for DUI in a souped-up toy Barbie car. Another case in England featured two individuals riding a motorized wheelchair under the influence.

4.    Goats at DUI checkpoints. One lady in Washington, DC, almost made it through a DUI checkpoint, until police heard noises in the trunk. When asked, Fiona Enderdy told officers about the goat in her trunk. The poor fellow was tied up in the back of the miserably hot vehicle. Enderdy escaped a DUI charge that night, but she did face charges of cruelty to animals.

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The Los Angeles DUI community and others initially thought the recent horrendous Bruce Jenner crash might have involved alcohol. The investigation into the fatal accident continues to unfold, providing more details into the sequence of events.bruce-jenner-dui

The accident unfolded when Bruce Jenner, 69 year-old Olympic medalist and part of the Kardashian family, allegedly rear-ended two vehicles in his Cadillac Escalade. New evidence based on video captured from a bus camera recently emerged indicates that Jenner first rear ended a Lexus sedan driven by Kim Howe (69). The impact pushed the sedan into oncoming traffic, where it collided head first with a Hummer. Howe died at the scene. Jenner submitted to both field tests and DUI blood tests. The results yielded no proof of intoxication.

During the sequence of events, Jenner also rear ended the car immediately in front of the Lexus, a Toyota Prius driven by Jessica Steindorff (29). Both Howe and Steindorff had been driving with suspended licenses. According to the Los Angeles Times, investigators found proof that Jenner tried to avoid the accident with hard braking and veering to the right shoulder of the road.

Talking or texting on a handheld cellphone is illegal while driving in California. Evidence suggests that distracted driving may have played a role in the deadly sequence of events. highlights photographs taken of Jenner talking on the phone while driving only days after the accident. Investigators look to phone records for proof of distracted driving when evaluating the circumstances surrounding an accident.

Chain reaction crashes like this one require intensive investigations. Evidence emerging in the continued investigation will likely clarify the cause of the accident and Jenner’s role. Publicly, Jenner holds that he did nothing wrong. Emerging evidence of negligence could lead to charges of vehicular manslaughter.

Do you or a family member need insight from a qualified Los Angeles DUI attorney? Contact Michael Kraut of the Kraut Law Group to set up your free consultation.

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Los Angeles DUI attorneys continue to review the aftermath of DUI cases from Super Bowl Sunday, which, as we’ve reported in the past, has one of the highest rates of DUI driving in the country. (Other dangerous days, from a DUI point of view, include New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day.)Marcus-Paulk-DUI

Early in the morning on Feb. 1, police arrested Marcus Paulk for driving under the influence and marijuana possession. Formerly, Paulk performed on Moesha, a television show that aired from 1996-2001. An officer conducted a traffic stop after observing Paulk’s vehicle allegedly driving too close to emergency vehicles parked on the side of the road.

The arresting officer noticed the scent of alcohol and the smell marijuana emanating from the former child star’s pockets. Paulk’s Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level tested at 0.109% at the time of arrest. He readily admitted to drinking and smoking marijuana before driving.

Many people assume that fame and celebrity encourage positive outcomes in court; however, the truth is that the factors affecting each DUI case are different for everyone. Securing legal advice is the best course of action to evaluate your circumstances.

An officer needs probable cause before stopping you, and you must engage in some sort of traffic violation. Driving erratically or within dangerous proximity to a parked vehicle (Paulk’s case) could lead to a traffic stop. Additionally, failure to make a complete stop or inoperable lights on your vehicle creates suspicion and justifies traffic stops.

When stopped, it is important to remember that all tests administered are voluntary. If you refuse to take an alcohol-screening test, make it clear that you prefer a blood test. On-site breathalyzer and field sobriety test results are unreliable, and they may serve as evidence against you.

Respond strategically to your arrest and charges by calling a former Senior Deputy D.A. and highly successful Los Angeles DUI defense attorney with the Kraut Law Group today for a complimentary consultation.

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Today, our Los Angeles DUI blog will take a close look at a curious case out of Georgia’s historic Savannah. A local woman, Sheila Faye Conley, just netted her 5th DUI-related arrest, her 4th DUI case, and her 3rd DUI conviction in a period of five years. Police arrested the 55-year-old on Christmas Eve, 2014, and a jury indicted her on February 5th.Sheila-Faye-Conley-dui

Conley caused two previous DUI accidents that led to the injury and death of others involved. In 2000, she struck a couple at a traffic light while fleeing from an officer. In 2001, she fatally struck a couple on the same road as her previous accident. The state sentenced Conley to prison for felony vehicular homicide. Conley won her release in 2010 after serving 10 years and successfully completing almost 2 years on parole; her probationary period began in 2012.

Probation guidelines prohibited Conley from violating any criminal laws or engaging in “injurious and vicious habits” relating to drugs and alcohol, according to Savannah Now. When police pulled her over on Dec. 24, Conley allegedly denied consuming alcohol and refused blood and breathalyzer tests, which led to the most recent DUI charge. A grand jury indicted her for driving under the influence and presenting false statements at the time of her arrest.

Cases featuring multiple offenses in a short timeframe, especially those including injury or death, usually receive harsh prosecution. In California, depending on the timeframe of previous DUI convictions, a person similar to Conley may face years in prison, driver’s license suspension without an allowance for work, and an interlock device.

Do you need help defending against a drug or DUI charge? Michael Kraut of Los Angeles’s Kraut Law Group is a trustworthy, highly qualified former prosecutor. Call a Los Angeles DUI attorney today to strategize for your defense seriously.

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Los Angeles DUI reports can be strange, but Florida has got California beat this week in the “DUI news of the weird” department. Authorities arrested a three-breasted woman, 21 year-old Jasmine Tridevil, in Tampa for DUI. The New York Daily News cheekily broke the story, saying, “some busts are certainly worse than others.”Jasmine-Tridevil-DUI

The defendant’s legal name is Alisha Jasmine Hessler; she is known online for her claims that she used cosmetic surgery to attach a third breast. Many experts (as well as have refuted her claims of plastic surgery, saying that it would be very difficult and take several years to successfully complete.

Per the Daily News, Hessler had been driving “erratically in the area of Adamo Drive and 21st Street shortly before 4 am Monday [Jan. 26], when an officer spotted her.” She was also speeding and ran a red light. Police Hessler for DUI after she failed a sobriety test. Police indicated that her BAC was .18% at the time – well over two times the state’s 0.08% limit.

This is not the first time Hessler has been arrested. In 2013, authorities busted her for fraudulently using personal information; and she faced charges of holding a man captive in her home.

Hessler’s story may be eye catching and bizarre, but DUI cases are no laughing matter.

For a first time DUI offender in California, sentencing may include fines, driver’s license suspension, mandatory DUI school attendance, forced use of an interlock device before driving, probation, and jail time. A BAC level of .15% or higher could elevate a DUI to an aggravated DUI, with harsher sentencing.

Even aggravated DUI charges may be fought, and the sooner you seek advice, the better you will understand your case’s circumstances.

What should you do if you or someone you love faces a serious DUI count? Will you go to jail? Will you lose your license? Call Los Angeles DUI defense lawyer Michael Kraut immediately to understand your options and craft a strategic response.

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As someone recently arrested for a Los Angeles DUI, you may find it instructive to read about the heartbreaking case of former Marine sergeant, Jared Hale, who was just sentenced for a causing a deadly DUI crash in 2012. Hale served at Camp Pendleton; he had been driving with three friends when he crashed the vehicle at Dana Point. All passengers suffered fatal injuries.marine-fatal-DUI

The Marines had all been in their early 20s at the time of the crash, and according to case reports, they had all been drinking at Hennessey’s Tavern, a local watering hole. Hale was supposed to be the designated driver that night, but reports say that he ended up with a BAC level of .18% — more than twice California’s legal limit.

The court denied Hale an alternative sentence, including treatment time in lieu of prison. Hale’s attorney argued that his drinking had been a clumsy attempt at self-medicating. Therapists had diagnosed him with post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of his experiences in Sangin, Afghanistan. His lawyer cited a state law that asks courts to take into consideration whether military related injury or trauma might have indirectly or directly influenced bad decision making or behavior.

The presiding judge responded that, although Hale’s case was unfortunate, “the court does not find his story plausible or believable.” Hale will be serving an 11-year jail sentence.

Crashes that involve alcohol are considered aggravated DUI in California. When someone dies as a result of a crash that involved intoxication, authorities may seek different charges. Police reports can play a vital role in determining which charges are brought against an individual. A DUI attorney will also conduct an investigation of charges in a deadly DUI crash, which is why securing representation early is an important step to protect your rights. If you or someone you love faces a deadly DUI crash charge, obtaining key evidence early could help exonerate you or help you plead down to lesser charges.

Do you need assistance constructing an appropriate response to a DUI charge? Look to the Kraut Law Group’s Michael Kraut for insight and peace of mind. Mr. Kraut is an experienced Los Angeles DUI attorney with many relevant connections in the local legal community.

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Los Angeles DUI stories often tend toward the lurid and, occasionally, the surreal.pantsless-DUI

However, recent DUI stories from the Southland have been downright pedestrian compared to this recent event out of Pennsylvania. Police arrested a woman named Justine King in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania and charged her with DUI driving, public lewdness, reckless driving, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.

When police responded to an accident report, they allegedly found the woman in her car in the middle of an intersection. Reports say that King had just hit another vehicle, and she was sitting in her car with the air bag still deployed. Allegedly, she was naked from the waist down and sitting on an empty liquor bottle. King later denied that she had hit another car, but police said that she would not get out of the vehicle because she wasn’t wearing pants. The police reported seeing her clothing on the floorboards of the car.

King allegedly remained belligerent as officers handcuffed her and drove her to a local hospital for a BAC (blood alcohol content) blood test. Police say the woman refused to cooperate or put on clothes, and they called for a gown to be available at the hospital. The arresting officer said that King kicked out the back window of his vehicle while he retrieved the gown.

While it is a good idea to avoid talking to a police officer more than necessary during a DUI arrest, it is never advisable to refute obvious facts or to refuse to cooperate in this kind of ridiculous manner. In California, you have the right to refuse a field sobriety test, for instance. Doing so, however, may provide probable cause for an arrest. Doing so in a preposterous, disrespectful manner can earn you additional charges and possibly more jail time.

You cannot avoid taking a blood test to determine your BAC level after you have been arrested. Refusing a test before an arrest may lead to the automatic suspension of your driver’s license. However, depending on what happened, you may be able to challenge the legality of the DUI stop or arrest.

Locating a seasoned and qualified Los Angeles DUI defense lawyer is a critical part of the process of reclaiming your life, your time and your peace of mind. Call ex-prosecutor Michael Kraut for a free consultation right now.

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