Were You Arrested for Driving Under the Influence in Glendale on Super Bowl Sunday? (You’re Not Alone!)

Everyone can admit that the Har-bowl was pretty epic, and kudos to Joe Flacco and the Ravens for pulling off a crazy playoff streak. But Super Bowl Sunday is traditionally one of the most dangerous days of the year for DUI. Other than New Year’s Eve and a handful of other holidays – like St. Patrick’s Day, Labor Day weekend, the 4th of July, et cetera – the Super Bowl is one of the scariest days to navigate the 101 (or any freeway or surface street, for that matter) because of all the unsafe drivers out there. superbowl-dui-in-glendale.jpg

Why is this so? Why do so many people get arrested during the holiday?

Perhaps it has to something to do with all the Bud Light commercials. Statistically, when more people drink and party, more people drive DUI and get arrested for the crime – it’s just a number’s game.

Of course, you’re not just “a number” – you’re a human being whose California driver’s license now may be on the line. You may also be at risk for serious fines, probation, jail time, spikes in your insurance rate, and a variety of other unpleasantries. So what can you do?

First of all, recognize that you may have a lot of legal resources available. For instance, let’s say that you failed a Glendale breathalyzer test — you blew a 0.12%, which is 1.5 times the legal limit for Glendale DUI, as codified by California Vehicle Code Section 23152 (a) and 23152 (b). You might be under the (false) impression that the breathalyzer results are set in stone. That is, they cannot be challenged because breathalyzers are technical instruments and thus never fail.

That’s not true. Surprisingly compelling research suggests that breath tests fail way more often than most people believe. On this Glendale DUI blog, we’ve talked a lot about how different factors (such as your dietary habits, gender, medications you might be on, etc) can throw off your breath test readings one way or another.

One really fascinating (and illustrative) way this can happen involves the depth of your test breath. If you breathe in really deeply, and then blast out a huge jet of air into the breathalyzer test, you can score a BAC reading that’s way higher than your legitimate BAC reading (if you were to measure it perfectly). This is often why police officers ask you to take a deep breath before you blow into a breath test – they know the game.

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