Three Wildest DUI Stories from This Decade [So Far]

When it comes to stories about driving under the influence in Los Angeles (and elsewhere), strange arrests and odd situations seem to take center stage. Some of the stories are so unbelievable that you have to wonder whether they are just urban legends. Here are three of the decade’s wildest, jaw-dropping DUI stories:

1.   Crocs brand founder arrested in 2012. George Boedecker, the 51-year-old Crocs shoe brand founder, apparently was so intoxicated when police pulled him over that he tried to convince officers that he was dating Taylor Swift. The story gets even crazier; he gave cops obscenity-laced excuses until they decided to arrest him on DUI charges.

2.    Wisconsin man didn’t see repeat offenses as a crime. A 53-year-old from Wisconsin, Daniel Frisch, has a history of DUI. He and about 30 other people in the state have a whopping total of more than 30 DUI convictions apiece. Frisch never killed anyone during his intoxicated excursions, but time in prison may not have changed his outlook much. According to reports, he never viewed himself as an alcoholic and never thought about his drinking and driving as a crime. He does admit, however, that his numerous convictions have taken away his chance at living a normal life.

3.    Teen diagnosed with “affluenza” gets probation after killing four. 16-year-old Ethan Couch did not spend any time in jail for driving DUI and killing four pedestrians in Texas during 2013. A psychologist diagnosed the youth with “affluenza,” a condition that arises when a patient does not associate poor behaviors with real-world consequences because of privilege. At the time of the accident, Couch’s BAC was three time higher than the legal limit. Today, according to reports, the teen is on the run, violating the terms of his probation. U.S. Marshals issued a “wanted” poster on December 18, and a juvenile judge issued the equivalent of a warrant for his arrest on December 11.

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