The Karma of Burbank DUI: Lessons from the DUI Arrest (and Public Shaming) of ESPN Analyst Matthew Barnaby

Let’s face it: The Burbank DUI process is quite technical and scary. Burbank-DUI-can-happen-anywhere.jpg

But if you simply study the law, you will not get a sense of how difficult it can be to face Burbank DUI charges. For instance, you might read a story in the news about a guy who gets pulled over for driving 0.14% near Victory Boulevard and how 0.14% BAC is nearly twice the Southern California legal limit, as defined by Southern California Vehicle Code Section 23152(b), and blah blah blah.

But what do those details really tell you? Not too much. They are dry and clinical.

Often, deep sadness, frustration, and anxiety underlie Burbank DUI incidences. For instance, consider one of last week’s biggest tabloid stories: Matthew Barnaby, a former NHL pro with the Buffalo Sabres, was fired from his job as an ESPN analyst after being arrested for driving under the influence in New York. Allegedly, he drove his Porsche Cayenne on the wrong side of the road – while missing a front tire, no less!

ESPN terminated his contract, effective immediately, and Barnaby might also face deportation to Canada, in part because of domestic charges stemming from a previous arrest. Earlier in the year, per the Buffalo News, Barnaby kicked down the garage door at the house of his estranged wife. Per an arrangement with the court, Barnaby agreed to 500 hours of community service and vowed to stay out of trouble.

Well, driving on the wrong side of the road while Burbank DUI with a car missing a front tire is basically the definition of trouble.

Without the backstory here – without knowing that Barnaby had struggled with domestic issues – his DUI would seem out of context and, in essence, random.

Once you understand a little bit about his history, the charges, at least superficially, seem to make more sense. Rarely are human beings motivated by pure caprice when they break the law. Often, there is an underlying factor – or factors – that cause or contribute to the situation.

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