Shia LaBeouf Still on Probation for his 2008 Los Angeles DUI Arrest

Actor Shia LaBeouf, the star of the Transformers films is still on probation for his 2008 Los Angeles DUI arrest. The 23 year-old actor has is now dealing with the ordinary transportation problems that everyday people have when they have been arrested for a southern California DUI or for driving under the influence in Los Angeles. As recent paparazzi photos of LaBeouf walking away from his gym without the benefit of a car because he cannot legally drive due to a court-enforced

It was almost a year ago the LaBeouf got arrested for Southern California DUI after he flipped hisFord pickup truck into oncoming traffic and struck another car. LaBeouf was injured in the accident as was his female passenger. The woman who was driving the other car the the actor hit also sustained minor injuries. LaBeouf was only convicted of a misdemeanor charge of 23152(a) of the California Vehicle Code.

After all, as an experienced Southern California DUI defense attorney might explain, according to California Vehicle Codes § 23152 (a) and 23153 (b), individuals who injure others while driving with a BAC of 0.08% or above can be charged with a felony. In fact, had any of LaBeouf’s victims suffered “great bodily injury,” the actor could have faced three years in prison or more depending on the severity of the injury.

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