Sherman Oaks DUI Arrest for Joe Simpson (Jessica Simpson’s Dad)

Fifty four-year-old Joe Simpson, father of iconic singer and TV personality Jessica Simpson, was arrested for driving under the influence in Sherman Oaks earlier this month. joe-simpson-dui-sherman-oaks.jpg

The LAPD tagged Joe around 10 P.M. when they saw him driving strangely on Ventura Boulevard. Officers noticed symptoms of Sherman Oaks DUI and decided to take him to the station. Criminal charges have yet to be filed against Simpson, and the 54-year-old does not have any offences on his record. So his prospects for dealing with the situation seem pretty good. After all, it’s not like he got into an injury DUI in Sherman Oaks – which can be prosecuted as a felony per California Vehicle Code Sections 23153(a) and 23153(b). And there were no other complicating factors, such as multiple priors, evading arrest, hit and run, etc.

Nevertheless, even if you get tagged for something as simple as a misdemeanor Sherman Oaks DUI at a routine DUI checkpoint or traffic stop, the consequences for your career, license, insurance rates, and even personal freedom could be drastic.

For instance:

• You could wind up spending a not insignificant amount of time behind bars;
• You could get your California license suspended;
• Once a conviction is on your record, any crimes you may commit in future can be punished much more harshly.

So Simpson is likely not sweating the fines that he might have to pay: his multi-multimillionaire daughter could probably help him with that. But the crime could influence many other aspects of his life. For instance, if your driver’s license is suspended, your ability to get around L.A. is obviously really limited. Unless you’re wealthy enough to hire a chauffeur to drive you around town every time you want fresh eggs and milk (or whatever), you have a problem.

Likewise, no matter how wealthy you are, the threat of a jail sentence always lurks. No matter how many millions or billions of dollars you have in the bank, you are not immune to Southern California or federal law.

Perhaps you are in a similar situation to Joe’s. Or maybe you’re facing a far more devious and frustrating bind. In either case, you want to find a Sherman Oaks DUI criminal defense attorney who has lot of practical experience and knowledge dealing with your type of case.

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