Pasadena DUI News – Apparently, Lawnmower DUIs are Back in Style

Hopefully, your Pasadena DUI arrest and charges were slightly less embarrassing than James David Gray’s.lawnmover-dui-pasadena.jpg

According to The Gainesville Sun, the Floridian was busted for a lawnmower DUI earlier this month, when police officers saw him piloting his rented mower down the wrong way of a Florida street. The deputy who stopped Gray said that the man had a cold beer in his cup holder. He also allegedly confessed to having consumed 18 beers — apparently, his first alcoholic beverages in two years.

Gray’s breathalyzer test results were not particularly auspicious, either. While in police custody, he blew a 0.147% and 0.138% BAC, respectively. As dutiful readers of our Pasadena DUI blog know, the legal limit for a DUI here in Southern California is just 0.08% — even lower under certain special circumstances (such as if you are underage, etc).

So in addition to all the inglorious punishments you can face, including prison time, points on your driver’s license, suspension of your CA license, restrictive probation terms, fines, fees, bumps on your auto insurance, mandatory alcohol classes, and other dubious punishment, you also face indirect problems. For instance, say you’re at school — at UCLA or USC — and your license gets suspended. How are you going to get to class? How are you going to work or job? If you can’t get do those things, then how can you even exist out here as a student, employee, etc?

The degree to which you can successfully defuse your Pasadena DUI situation is to the degree to which you can gain control over vast swaths of your life, work, and future.

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