Sheriff Accused of Driving DUI Rolls Over Pickup Truck with 4 Kids Inside…

People who are intimately familiar with the dangers of Los Angeles DUI (or DUI anywhere) can still make horrendous mistakes – mistakes which can kill people and traumatize whole communities. Some people make bad mistakes, which, miraculously, do not lead to serious harm.jake-adams-dui

Fortunately for Utah Sheriff Lieutenant, Jake Adams, his recent DUI crash falls into the latter category.

The 39-year-old Adams, who’s worked at his local Sheriff’s Office since 1988, rolled over his Sheriff’s vehicle — a F150 pickup truck — with all four of his kids inside! According to the Utah Highway Patrol, Adams had been driving on Route 17 near the community of La Verkin at around 4:30 in the afternoon, when his vehicle suffered a “slow speed rollover.”

Todd Royce, a sergeant for the Utah Highway Patrol, reported on how the accident occurred: “Adams drifted off the right shoulder and then overcorrected back to the left. The truck left the roadway and went down a dirt embankment in a sideways slide.” The pickup then flipped onto its hood. Adams suffered a slight injury to his head (a red gash on his forehead), but the children (aged 8 to 14) remarkably made it through the incident without injury.

Police arrested the lieutenant for DUI as well as for making an unsafe lane change and carrying a gun while under the influence.

As Lieutenant Adams probably knows, the immediate hours and days after a DUI charge can be the most pivotal, from a legal point of view. Prosecutors often “jump the gun” and file DUI cases prematurely, prior to collecting enough evidence. An ex-prosecutor — with a thorough and detailed knowledge of how the government typically goes after DUI defendants — can advise you and make sure you follow best practices.

Understand that a California law enforcement agency may not file a DUI charge immediately. Just because you haven’t yet been charged doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Police may just be doing a thorough investigation to amass as much evidence as possible before charging you.

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