Long Beach DUI Madness: News Roundup Yields DUI Goat, a 12 Time DUI offender, and More Weirdness.

Rarely do Southern California DUI stops play like something out of a bad 1980’s cop movie (or episode of Reno 911!). But last Wednesday, the California Highway Patrol pulled over a goat – yes, a goat – during a routine DUI stop in Riverside County. (Well, actually the goat wasn’t driving – the goat was a passenger in a car. But the story is nevertheless quite comical.)goat-dui.jpg

Most defendants struggling with charges of DUI in Glendale, DUI in Los Angeles, Pasadena DUI, or Burbank DUI are fortunate, in that their cases are relatively straightforward – or at least not embarrassingly absurd enough to merit a “news of the weird” mention in the paper.

In any event, when the CHP officer approached the truck near Mayberry Avenue in the town of Hemet, a (human) passenger fled the vehicle and almost immediately “fell flat on his face.” The female goat was likely stolen, according to a local animal services representative. By Thursday, the goat was “comfortably” at a local animal shelter in Riverside.

Meanwhile, across the country in Miami, 52-year-old David Hodge was arrested last Thursday for his 12th – yes, 12th – DUI. He remains in jail, at least as of this post, on a bail of $100,000. Yikes.

Often, police officers won’t see something as obvious as a goat in your truck to alert their suspicions. They thus look for subtler symptoms of DUI in Long Beach, including:

• Inconsistent stories about where you have been and where you are going;
• Erratic driving (e.g. swerving out all over the road);
• You smell like alcohol or there are open containers of alcohol in your car;
• You don’t respond naturally to officer’s questions;
• Your eyes are bloodshot or watery;
• Your speech is slurred;
• You lack coordination;
• You have difficulty following officer instructions.

Not everyone who exhibits these Long Beach DUI symptoms should be classified as actually DUI – for instance, you might have bloodshot eyes because you haven’t slept in two days (still not a good idea to be driving). Conversely, you can be DUI and NOT exhibit any of these signs.

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