Former “Apprentice” Contestant Busted for Southern California DUI

Heidi Androl, a former contestant on Donald Trump’s realty show “The Apprentice,” was arrested Monday December 7 for a Southern California DUI on the 105 Freeway. The gossip website reported that Androl had been partying at Club Nokia (in honor of Luc Robitaille) prior to her arrest. She was reportedly going 35 mph — significantly under the speed limit — prompting an anonymous citizen to call the police. The CHP subjected her to roadside sobriety tests, which she allegedly failed. heidi-androl-dui.jpg

What typical Southern California roadside sobriety tests do CHP officers employ on suspect drivers like Androl? Here’s a quick primer on the popular tests:

1. Horizontal gaze nystagmus test

This eye exam is often the first test an officer will use on an individual suspected of driving under the influence in Los Angeles. An eyeball typically “jerks” as it tracks a moving object, like a flashlight. Theoretically, a police officer can estimate impairment based on the angle of this jerk. But the science underlying this test is flimsy.

2. Coordination tests

These include:

a. one-leg stand test
b. walk the line test
c. finger to the nose test
d. Rhomberg test (in which a suspect leans his head back and counts up to 30.)

If the driver loses his balance, demonstrates poor reaction time, or shows a general lack of coordination, the officer might have reason to suspect Long Beach DUI.

3. Subjective evaluations

Independent of the field sobriety tests (FSTs) administered, an officer may arrest a suspect based on intuition. Fortunately for defendants, an officer’s “gut feeling” won’t likely be admissible as serious evidence in court.

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