Finding Empowerment After Your Burbank DUI

Your recent Burbank DUI arrest has proven to you, beyond all doubt, one thing: namely, that you are powerless over the effects of alcohol. jekyll-and-hyde-after-dui-in-los-angeles.jpg

Or at least so you believe.

Narcotics, alcohol, and other substances can cause otherwise rational, compassionate, good citizens to engage in all sorts of wild and destructive behavior. The Jeckyl and Hyde nature of addiction has led to the creation of many myths about what alcoholism really is, what addiction is, what causes these problems, and what potentially has the chance to treat them.

According to Dr. Lance Dodes, a Harvard University addiction specialist, some of the ways in which we think about alcoholism (and thus Burbank DUI treatment) may be misguided. For instance, Dr. Dodes argues that the nearly universal advice given to addicts — to admit that you are “powerless” over alcohol — may do more harm than good. Dr. Dodes’s alternative thesis about addiction argues that addictive/compulsive acts are often attempts to reassert autonomy during bouts of helplessness.

For instance, addicts often feel better the moment they make the decision to have a drink or engage in other types of impulsive behavior — as opposed to when a particular substance hits their bloodstream.

The decision itself seems to have the calming effect. This implies that root cause is psychological as opposed to physiological.

Likewise, Dr. Dodes sites the fact that the soldiers in the Vietnam War had extremely high heroin abuse rates. But when these soldiers came back home, the vast majority of them managed to quit heroin easily and simply — an extremely low recidivism rate that could not be duplicated in domestic patient populations.

This suggests that something about the war itself was driving the men to use heroin — again, implicating psychological as opposed to physiological impulses.

A Burbank DUI defendant might do well at least consider this alternative perspective.

What drives you to make bad decisions? What are the thoughts that run through your mind prior to your making the decision, for instance, to take a drink or smoke marijuana or engage in other compulsive behavior? Are they thoughts along the lines of “I hate my job, I’m frustrated with my marriage, I’m angry because some guy cut me off in traffic, etc.”?

If so, perhaps you might find it resourceful to reflect on those potential triggers and find ways to empower yourself differently.

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