Could Drinking Too Little Get You Arrested for a DUI?

Getting caught driving after you’ve had a few too many drinks could land you in jail on a charge of DUI in Los Angeles. But apparently you could also be in trouble, at least as far as your driving abilities, if you drink too few non-alcoholic beverages before you hit the road.Loughborough-University-DUI-study

Researchers at England’s Loughborough University found that motorists who were even mildly dehydrated made as many mistakes while driving as those whose blood alcohol content measure over the .08 mark.  The study measured the responses of drivers who had only 25 millimeters (about .8 ounces) of water an hour.

Quoted in the British newspaper The Telegraph, Professor Ron Maughan said “There is no question that driving while incapable through drink or drugs increases the risk of accidents, but our findings highlight an unrecognized danger and suggest that drivers should be encouraged to make sure they are properly hydrate.’

According to the Leicester Mercury, too-thirsty drivers made 101 mistakes such as lane drifting, lane braking and touching or crossing lane lines. The number of mistakes went down to 47 when they drank sufficient water, which researchers said is about 6.8 ounces of water per hour.

This was the first study of how dehydration can relate to driving errors and accident risk, according to Maughan, who served as leader of the study and emeritus professor of sport and exercise nutrition at Loughborough University. Other effects of dehydration included impaired mental functioning, changes in mood, and reductions in concentration, alertness and short-term memory. (That does sound a lot like the effects of too much alcohol.)

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