Beverly Hills DUI Quiz: Are These Crazy DUI Stories Real or Made Up?

Beverly Hills DUI stories have a reputation for being pretty outlandish. The real-life antics of movie stars like Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson – along with the strange, wild behavior that we’ve catalogued in hundreds of posts — speak to our weird collective proclivities. beverly-hills-dui-quiz.jpg

Let’s test your mettle: try to figure out which DUI stories are true and which are false.

1. Son and both his parents all separately arrested for DUI on the same day.

A family in South Canterbury scored the ultimate DUI trifecta. The 15-year-old son got arrested at 12:15 a.m. for DUI, testing at nearly 3.5 times over the legal limit. Police took him to the station, where he called his mom. While on her way to the station to pick him up, the mom was stopped and busted for DUI (nearly twice the legal limit). She then called her husband, who came to get both offenders. The husband in turn was stopped and arrested for DUI!

2. 49-year-old Wisconsin woman called the police on herself after calling 911.

The dispatcher asked her if she was driving behind a DUI driver. She responded: “no, I am them.” BAC tests later showed that she had twice the legally acceptable amount of alcohol in her system.

3. Vermont man charged with DUI after letting his dog drive his pickup.

A 39-year-old farmer and dog trainer in rural Vermont rigged his truck so that his dog could operate the vehicle. Unfortunately, police spotted him “training” the dog on a rural road and found that the erstwhile owner had a BAC of nearly 0.20% — nearly three times the Beverly Hills DUI limit!

4. Woman claims that she couldn’t have been DUI because she is a “breatharian.”

Police in Arizona arrested a woman for driving under the influence – testing her to have a BAC of 0.12%. She denied the charges, claiming that she couldn’t have consumed alcohol, since she lives off of only air and sunlight. This bizarre “diet” – known as breatharianism — has a rich, chequered history going back thousands of years. (It’s obviously impossible, since the human body cannot survive for more than a few days without water or more than a few weeks without food). But the woman may have been the first breatharian ever arrested for DUI.

5. Student arrested for DUI while dressed as a breathalyzer test.

Irony alert! A student in Ohio got arrested for DUI while dressed as the very test that he later failed (he blew a 0.158% — nearly twice the Beverly Hills DUI limit). His costume different drunkenness levels including “boring,” “life of the party,” and “sotally tober.”

6. Police officer singlehandedly arrests 18 different people (in different cars!) for DUI.

In the outskirts of Dublin, an officer was tired of taking flak from patrons at a local pub.

Many people in the pub apparently knew the police officer since he was a child and didn’t respect his authority. To mess with them, nearly two dozen patrons decided to leave the pub at once (while DUI) and drive away. Rather than call back-up, the officer proceeded to find and ticket each one of the drivers.

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