Beverly Hills DUI Penalties: When You Suffer, Everyone Around You Does, Too

You’ve recently been hit with a charge of driving under the influence in Beverly Hills, and you’re still reeling from it. The mind is churning up worst case scenarios:beverly_hills_dui-long-term-consequences.jpg

• What if the person you injured during your Beverly Hills DUI doesn’t recover or is saddled with a lifelong disability?
• What if you have to go to jail for years?
• Who will take care of your business, your home, your family?
• What if you lose your driver’s license and have to pay thousands of dollars in fines, etc?
• What should you be doing now to make your new job as a Beverly Hills DUI defendant easier and more strategic?

We’ve discussed the direct consequences of Beverly Hills DUI conviction (e.g. jail time, fine/fees, mandatory alcohol school, mandatory installation of an IID device in your vehicle, probation, etc) as well as the indirect consequences (e.g. hiked up insurance rates, loss of confidence, loss of self respect and professional reputation, massive, chronic inconveniences that strain your budget, etc).

But a third, arguably even scarier set of penalties awaits you. These pertain to the effect of your DUI event and possible conviction on society as a whole.

To get a little philosophical for a second… cities like Beverly Hills (and Los Angeles in general) maintain their social cohesion through bonds of trust, order, and mutual self interest. Those bonds are not absolute, however. Difficult economic conditions, fraud and crime, war, disease, and other destabilizing forces can fray these bonds and lead to chaos in the community.

Now, obviously, your Beverly Hills DUI is not going to “make or break” the city. At least, hopefully it’s not going to. On the other hand, the incremental effects of Los Angeles DUI arrests, convictions, consequences, etc on society as a whole are non-negligible. In other words, what you do behind the wheel has an effect beyond the immediate radius of your accident.

If you recall the movie Office Space, you’ll likely remember the scam the co-workers pulled – they essentially tried to “shave off” fractions of a cent from millions of bank accounts in a high-tech heist. Individually, no one customer was hurt; collectively, however, the financial institution was damaged.

The obvious retort is: Well, it was just me who got in trouble. How much of a difference could my actions have made? But multiply that attitude times hundreds of thousands of Angelinos, and you have a recipe for chaos, disorder and worse.

The moral here is: You have a choice. Even if you’ve already a committed a Beverly Hills DUI – and even if that DUI was serious and caused injury and/or property damage – you have a choice right now to change your perspective on what happened and not only rebuild your own life but also work towards healing society and making the city and our world a more compassionate, livable, hopeful environment.

Of course, it’s important to ground ideals into solid thinking and strategy. Connect with a Beverly Hills DUI defense attorney from the Kraut Criminal & DUI Lawyers (9107 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 450, Beverly Hills, California 90210 Phone: (310) 550-6935 ) right now to plan your next steps. Attorney Kraut is a hugely respected former prosecutor who can help you understand your rights and best next steps.

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