Beverly Hills DUI for Lindsay Lohan is Going Down Hill Fast

The Beverly Hills DUI that got Lindsay Lohan in trouble and on probation is now taking a turn for the worse. After being sent to rehab, again, by Beverly Hills Judge Elden Fox, she is thrown out due to a physical assault against a Betty Ford clinic worker. Now should face a prison sentence if she is charged by the Riverside DA with a felony assault.


As soon as the assault occurred the victim, Dawn Holland, came out swing in her own right. She spoke to the new media telling all of the facts of the alleged assault. While speaking to the press, Ms. Holland had a medical brace on her right arm. Ms. Holland claims that the Beverly Hills DUI patient came back to the center late and smelled of alcohol. While trying to administer an alcohol detection device, Lindsay Lohan is accused of twisting Ms. Holland’s arm causing serious injury while also taking the phone out of her hand when Ms. Holland was attempting to call the police. Both of these actions could result in a felony against the starlet.

Because Ms. Holland spoke to the press about Ms. Lohan’s confidential treatment, she was fired from the Betty Ford Center. Just when things looked like Ms. Lohan was going to be violated again on her DUI that occurred in Beverly Hills, or face assault charges for her actions, news comes that Ms. Holland is going to drop her claims of assault. While Ms. Holland’s representative states that she does not want anything to do with Ms. Lohan’s criminal investigation, it is the District Attorney in both Riverside and Los Angeles that will make the final decision of whether Lindsay Lohan will face any consequences for her actions. Celebrity columnists are reporting on that Ms. Holland does not want to be involved in this case in any manner.

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