What Beverly Hills DUI Arrest Is This for You? First? Second? This Guy Just Got His 14th!

Whether you got pulled over for your first-ever Beverly Hills DUI on Wilshire & Rodeo after a tony film industry soirée; or you just racked up your second or third DUI within 10 years, consider yourself fortunate that you are not 55-year-old William Grussing. 14-beverly-hills-dui-arrests.jpg

The Montana man was just sentenced to two decades behind bars for driving under the influence.

Why the harsh sentence?

Because this was his 14th time facing DUI charges!

In order to even become eligible for parole, Grussing must go through a very long and intense alcohol education program. He admitted to the judge that he was just 14, when he had his first alcohol beverage — with his father, no less.

Even though you are a DUI defendant yourself, you’re probably nodding to yourself that the judge probably did the right thing in this case. It’s one thing to make a misjudgment after a party… or even to make multiple bad decisions within a few years. But when you get into the double-digits with your DUI charges, something is just not working, and more drastic measures might be needed.

In your case, you want to figure out not only how to beat your Beverly Hills DUI charges, but also how to manage the core problems causing you to make less than optimal decisions.

Sorting out those root problems is no easy feat, even for someone who is dedicated, open, and persistent.

Fortunately, the team here at the Kraut Criminal & DUI Lawyers can help you with your Beverly Hills DUI charges. Attorney Kraut and his team are experienced, compassionate, and aggressive. They can help you understand what you might be able to do, immediately, to get control over your life and over your legal situation. Get in touch with the Harvard Law School educated attorney Kraut now for assistance.

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