Study Confirms Uber Reduces DUI Arrests

Could more widespread use of Uber cut the number of arrests for DUIs in Los Angeles and reduce injuries due to DUI accidents as well? Two university researchers have conducted extensive research suggesting that it has had that effect in dozens of jurisdictions in the U.S. uber-los-angeles-DUI-arrest-rates

According to the Federalist, Angela Dills from Providence College and Sean Mullholland from Stonehill College looked at the impact Uber had made on 150 cities and counties over a three-year period. They found that when Uber enters an area, the rates of DUI arrests and traffic fatalities go down. So, too, do the arrest rates for assault and disorderly conduct.

The authors also found that Uber continues to have a positive effect even after its initial introduction: “For each additional year of operation, Uber’s continued presence is associated with a 16.6 percent decline in vehicular fatalities.”

The authors suggest that part of Uber’s impact is due to the fact that young people 18-29 years old are most likely to use the services. They’re also the age group most likely to be involved in car accidents.

Another benefit to Uber’s presence is the reduction in arrest rates for aggravated assault and disorderly conduct; they posit that’s because people don’t have to wait for an Uber ride as long as they might have to wait for a traditional taxi, so they have less opportunity to get into arguments and scuffles.

Dills and Mulholland think that governments that are passing legislation forbidding or strictly limiting Uber’s presence might be making a big mistake, since its presence seems to have a positive effect. There is one downside, however; cities with Uber see an increase in auto theft, perhaps because more people are leaving their cars parked by bars and restaurants overnight and calling Uber instead.

Drivers in Los Angeles who suspect they are intoxicated might want to consider taking Uber. The cost of a ride is much less than the price of a DUI, which can be more than $15,000 (as outlined in Vehicle Code 23152).

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