Southern California DUI Haunts Star of “Hung”

Today, actor Thomas Jane is the toast of Hollywood. The star of the HBO surprise hit “Hung” has found himself gracing the covers of celebrity magazines and leveraging his newfound success to score feature roles. However, Jane’s March 2008 Southern California DUI arrest continues to haunt both him and his publicist.thomasjane.jpg

Salacious Arrest Details

The California Highway Patrol arrested Jane more than 16 months ago for zipping down a California freeway at “an extremely high rate of speed” while driving on a suspended license — while in a Maserati, no less. Jane failed roadside sobriety tests and was subsequently arrested at the scene. His seemingly cliché celebrity Southern California DUI drew an inordinate amount of media attention at the time, perhaps because of Jane’s publicly rocky marital battles with actress Patricia Arquette.

Perhaps Jane would have taken his Maserati down a gear had a Los Angeles DUI defense attorney explained the kinds of punishment for Southern California DUI that first time offenders can face. The California court can impose a mandatory sentence of two full days in custody (with a maximum of up to half-a-year in jail). The maximum fine for first time DUI is $1,000 — probably not much for someone who can afford to drive a Maserati. However, the Court can impose additional costs that can really add up in some cases. In addition, your driver’s license can be suspended for a whole year — with zero restricted license privileges. First-timers also must attend DUI alcohol school for a month and a half and serve probation. In certain cases, convicts may have to install interlock devices in their cars.

Given how serious and disruptive these punishments can be, if you or a family member has been tagged for driving under the influence Los Angeles, you’d be well advised to seek out the help of an established attorney. Michael Kraut, a Harvard educated former Deputy District Attorney for the city of Los Angeles, may be able to advise you. Attorney Kraut has an encyclopedic knowledge of Southern California DUI law, a reputation for client service and attention to detail, and a manner that will reassure you. Given how much is at stake for your future, it makes sense to invest in the best.

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