Identifying the Trigger that Sparked the Decision That Landed You with a Los Angeles DUI Arrest

As you ruminate about your recent Los Angeles DUI arrest, you might be tempted to “beat yourself up” or get angry with the police who stopped you. But in the interest of being constructive – you want to solve your current problems and prevent future ones as opposed to just wringing your hands – consider doing this following exercise.Trigger-for-los-angeles-DUI

First of all, identify the moment in time where you made the mistake that landed you in hot water.

Even if you believe that the police stopped you in error and that you “did nothing wrong,” replay the events of the day or evening. Aim to figure out what, if anything, you could have done better. For instance, maybe you made an impulsive decision to drive home instead of taking an Uber. Maybe you had a fourth glass of wine because everyone else was drinking, too. Try to get as specific as possible, and then write that moment down.

Next, try to figure out what triggered that mistake.

Perhaps, for instance, you wanted to drive your car instead of taking an Uber because you didn’t want to face the inconvenience of having to take a cab to work the next day. Perhaps you had the fourth glass of wine because you really wanted to fit in.

Finally, fix the root cause of your behavior, so you won’t get in trouble again.

For instance, if you didn’t call Uber because of the inconvenience; the next time you go out, plan ahead before you party.

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