What Happens After a Los Angeles DUI: The Long-term Picture

Los Angeles DUI attorneys completely understand the long-term impact of a DUI conviction. Every case and every individual faces different repercussions. One person may bounce back from a conviction with help from a supportive community. Others face being ostracized and having difficulty finding work and building meaningful relationships.long-term-dui-costs

Long-term consequences include:

•    Employment difficulties. Any convictions appear in background checks, and they may preclude you from obtaining gainful employment. DUI convictions, in particular, can immediately disqualify an individual from the hiring process. Fighting a conviction with a full-time job means missing work for court dates and addressing other legal hurdles.

•    Increased financial burden. DUI sentencing normally includes some form of pecuniary obligation. Lawyer fees, court fees, sentencing fines, and increased auto insurance costs affect individuals who are convicted in the short- and long-term. Insurance companies place those convicted of DUIs in high risk categories with high rates for years into the future.

•    Inability to drive. Driver’s license revocations make completing daily tasks more difficult for anyone who does not live near public transportation. You may have to rely on others for social and work transportation. This consequence often carries over into other areas of life, causing frustration and other emotional challenges.

•    Difficulty maintaining relationships. A DUI conviction can forever change both personal and professional relationships. Your professional reputation may suffer, and relationships with colleagues and superiors may change. You may experience incessant worry from friends and relatives. Relationship challenges may arise even without a conviction. The emotional burden of a conviction can potentially cause you to feel judgment and insecurity, even in supportive relationships.

You may lose trust with friends, employers, and family members. Some people face the full extent of social and economic consequences after a conviction, making it easier to become a repeat offender and perpetuate the cycle.

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