Getting Beyond Your Pasadena DUI Might Take an Entirely New Mindset…

Your Pasadena DUI arrest has caused you to rethink a lot of your fundamental ideas about yourself, your future, your relationships, and your ability to succeed in general. kaizen-after-pasadena-dui.jpg

Whether the DUI caused serious bodily injury to someone, or whether it was “just” a misdemeanor charge that landed you in jail overnight, you’re stuck in a precarious situation. To create an effective Pasadena DUI defense, you need the proper mindset. To paraphrase one of Albert Einstein’s most famous quotes, “DUI problems cannot be solved using the same consciousness that created them.”

To reconcile with what drove you to drive DUI in Pasadena, you’re going to need help from outside, trusted sources. You may not be able to “fix things” in a single therapy session. But tested advisors, such as an experienced Pasadena DUI defense lawyer, can help you make serious progress.

Seeing “Self-improvement” Not As a Single Project, But Rather As an Ongoing Process
Consider the Japanese art of “Kaizen” – or “never ending improvement.” This philosophy has helped companies like Toyota become world acclaimed brands, and it’s also helped many civic leaders, scientists and athletes achieve their potential. The gist of kaizen is that, over time, if you direct your energy towards improvement – enjoying the process of improvement for itself – eventually, you will build positive momentum and vault beyond mediocrity to success.

What this means for your Pasadena DUI defense is that, in addition to dealing with the nuts and bolts — e.g. striving to minimize your punishments and reconcile with ancillary costs (such as bumps in your car insurance rates) — make a vow now to work on yourself. Find the right people and mentors. Transform this disheartening experience into one that, in retrospect, you will recall as a pivotal, positive moment in your life.

Step one is to get in touch with your resource-rich, tested Los Angeles criminal defense attorney at the Kraut Criminal & DUI Lawyers. Mr. Kraut attended Harvard Law School, and he has been a guest commentator for the Los Angeles Times, KTLA, and other widely respected media publications.

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