General Anxiety and Depression After Pasadena DUI: What’s Going On?

After recently being arrested for driving under the influence in Pasadena – or perhaps getting tagged for DUI near USC or UCLA – you’re having difficulty sleeping and stressing about your future. You may even be having feelings of depression that are seemingly unrelated to your recent DUI arrest. anxiety-los-angeles-dui.jpg

Why? What’s going on?

For instance, maybe you’ve been wistfully recalling a break up with an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. Or maybe you’ve been just feeling homesick or whatever. Where does this generalized anxiety and depression come from? Is it related to your Pasadena DUI? What can you do to gain control of your legal situation and protect your driving privileges? And how can you feel back in control after the events of the past few days or weeks?

Feeling “out of control” is often a symptom of deeper needs not being met
In this article, you will be introduced to a very cool tool to “help you drill down” to get to the root source of your post Pasadena DUI dissatisfaction. You will also get to meet a premier Pasadena DUI criminal defense attorney – more on that later.

First, crystallize in words one problem related to your “post DUI” malaise. Just take out a piece of paper right now – or a word document – and write down what’s on your mind that’s causing you anxiety. For instance:

1. “If I lose my license, I have no idea how I’ll get to school.”
2. “I’m terrified about going to jail – even for a few days.”
3. “I don’t know how I’m going to tell my parents about my DUI.”

On your own, go through the following exercise with all the statements you come up with. We’re only going to do one “drill down” in this blog post for brevity’s sake.

So pick one statement – we’ll go with the third statement here – and start to drill down by asking yourself questions about it. Specifically, ask yourself WHY the issue concerns you. This is an iterative process. So once you get to a reason, you want to get to the root of that reason and so forth and so on.

#1: I’m terrified to tell my parents about my Pasadena DUI.


#2: Because my parents won’t understand; they’re going to yell at me and cut off my tuition.

Why are your parents not going to understand and cut off your tuition?

#3: Because my dad already thinks that I’m slacking off at school.

Why does your dad think that?

#4: Because he’s always told me that I’ve been squandering myself out here in Los Angeles, and that I should have taken a job as an engineer back home.

And why is that a problem for you?

#5: Because I want to be able to be left alone and do my own thing and not be constantly judged!

Do you see how this exercise drills down to deeper emotional truths?

In our fictional example, the DUI defendant reaches an epiphany about his relationship with his dad – and even gets to a deeper need about wanting to be independent.

Having this kind of self realization is critical. Once you surface that need and meet it somehow, perhaps you’ll be less likely to become a recidivist Pasadena DUI offender.

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