Brazilian Artist Britto Sentenced For March Arrest – Another in a Long Line of 2009 Southern Florida and Southern California DUI Celebrity Cases

On Tuesday, Brazilian painter Romero Britto pled no contest to charges of driving under the influence. Like several other celebrities charged with Southern Florida and Southern California DUI over the past few months, Britto escaped with a relatively lenient sentence: six months probation; 100 hours of community service; a $1,000 fine; and a six month license suspension.britto.jpg

Britto, who’s had work commissioned by the Miami Dolphins (among others), was arrested back in March when he drove his black Bentley erratically along Washington Avenue in Miami Beach. An officer allegedly saw him nearly hit a parked car and pulled him over under suspicion of driving under the influence. Britto blew a breathalyzer reading of 0.16 — twice the legal limit for Los Angeles DUI. In addition, he failed a roadside sobriety test.

Had Britto been given the chance to consult with an experienced Los Angeles DUI attorney, he might have hesitated about taking that breathalyzer test.

According to solid scientific research, breathalyzer test results are often unreliable. Breathalyzers have trouble distinguishing ethanol (the active compound in alcohol) and other chemicals that may be on the breath. In addition, the early part of the breath may yield a far lower BAC reading than the later part of the breath (which is one of the reasons why officers often ask suspects to blow deeply into breathalyzers). Other factors can throw test readings off, including:

• The time the sample is taken
• Whether or not a suspect is diabetic
• Whether or not a suspect ate food before drinking
• Whether the suspect is a man or a woman
• Poor maintenance of machines
• Officer bias or error
• Calibration errors
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