Bad Moves By DUI Drivers

Intoxicated drivers often make bad decisions that draw police officers’ attention and leave the drivers vulnerable to arrest on a charge of DUI in Los Angeles. But California drivers aren’t the only ones making mistakes, as these arrest stories from around the country clearly demonstrate.shocking-los-angeles-DUI-stories

In Madison, Wisconsin, a 42-year-old woman decided that she was in the mood for a beer. Only problem was she opened the can while sitting in a car and right in front of the officer who had pulled her over on suspicion of DUI. When the woman refused to get out of the car and continued drinking, the officer had to call reinforcements to pry the unidentified driver out of her car. She faces charges of reckless driving and driving while intoxicated.

In Connecticut, two people were driving their vehicles with flat tires and probably hoping that police didn’t notice. Police in South Windsor arrested 33-year-old Eric Schneider after they received reports that a vehicle in the area was riding on a bare rim. Schneider had apparently been traveling with a flat for so long that he wore the tire away. He’s facing DUI charges.

In Orange, Connecticut, Irma Martinez, 38, was not only driving on a very flat tire; she also allegedly had her lights out while traveling on Post Road at 11 p.m. After Martinez failed a sobriety test, police charged her with DUI.

In Troy, Michigan, police arrested not one but two women without pants—on the same night—for driving under the influence. When an officer asked Samantha Alfaro, 23, if she had been drinking, the young woman said she had drunk too much and told the officers to take her to jail. They put her in the patrol car after persuading her to put her pants back on. But on the way to the station, the officers pulled over Jocelyn Reardon for DUI. She was going au naturel below the waist as well.

Playing dumb won’t get anyone out of a DUI charge. Under California Vehicle Code 23152, a first conviction for DUI can result in time in jail followed by probation, hundreds of dollars in fines, and a six-month’s license suspension.

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