A-List Chef’s Arrest May Influence Southern California and Los Angeles DUI Cases

On July 9, one of Florida’s most celebrated chefs got pulled over under suspicion for DUI after patronizing a local strip club. The arrest of Tim Creehan has gotten the attention of defendants across the country, including many individuals charged with Los Angeles DUI.

According to a report put out by the Destin Log, Mr. Creehan had been carousing at a local strip joint named Sammy’s prior to his arrest. A patron noted that the chef had been drinking to excess and alerted the police, who pursued Mr. Creehan to the Destin Bridge. An Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Deputy observed him weaving in and out of lanes, crossing the center divider, and nearly driving off the road near the Pelican Beach Resort.tim_creehan.jpg

Had a competent Southern California DUI defense attorney been on hand to advise Mr. Creehan, chances are that he or she would have counseled the chef to behave differently than he did. After being pulled over, Mr. Creehan immediately blurted out “Sir, I’m drunk,” according to reports. He then promptly failed field sobriety tests and refused to take a breathalyzer, after which he was arrested and transferred to Shallmar Courthouse. A plea arrangement has been scheduled for August 4.

The roadside breathalyzer test is by far the most common Los Angeles preliminary alcohol screening test. A suspect is asked to blow into a device, which records an estimate of blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) based on the chemical composition of the breath. If you have a BAC of above .08%, you can be arrested for driving under the influence in Southern California. Problems with breathalyzer tests abound, however. They can yield false positives. Even accurate readings can be misinterpreted. Equipment malfunctions, officer bias, and other factors can also skew BAC readings.

Given these potential issues, if you were arrested at a DUI checkpoint in Los Angeles, you may need vigorous, insightful legal help to defend your rights. The Law Offices of Michael Kraut may be able to help. Mike is a Harvard educated attorney and a former Deputy D.A. for the city of Los Angeles. He knows what it’s like to prosecute offenders as well as to defend them. He leverages his diverse experience to provide clients efficient and strategic defenses.

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