Winner of “The Bachelor: London Calling” Arrested for Los Angeles DUI

On Saturday, November 14, Shayne Lamas, the 24-year-old reality star who won the Season 12 of “The Bachelor: London Calling” was arrested for driving under the influence in Los Angeles after she failed a breathalyzer test.shayne-lamas.jpg

According to reports from outlets like E! Online, the ingĂ©nue/celebutante drove through a DUI checkpoint, completely confident of passing. Unfortunately for her, she blew a reading well above California’s legal limit of 0.08%. In a statement to the press afterwards, Lamas apologized for her lack of judgment and said that she would never “condone drinking and driving.” Her court date has been scheduled for December 9.

Had Lamas been able to discuss her checkpoint stop with an experienced Los Angeles DUI lawyer, she might have been able to handle the situation more effectively. Fortunately for her, from the facts sketched out in the E! Online story, Lamas may have numerous legal options at her disposal.

In particular, the breathalyzer test that she failed could have been compromised or inaccurate. Only a thorough investigation into her Southern California DUI arrest could resolve the issue. However, problems with these kinds of tests abound. Consider:

1) Breathalyzer tests don’t distinguish between women and men.

2) They also can’t distinguish between ethanol and other compounds that chemically mimic ethanol.

3) Breathalyzers often yield false positives, particularly when they’re badly calibrated; misread; handled improperly; or awkwardly administered.

4) Different BAC readings can show up depending on how hard you blow into a breathalyzer. A shallow breath tends to yield a lower BAC reading than does a deeper breath.

5) Officer bias and error can also throw off a breathalyzer result.

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