Actress on Probation for 2008 Southern California DUI Hospitalized for Undefined “Medical Issues”

People Magazine’s website has reported that Mischa Barton, a breakout star from the O.C. and a lead on The CW’s new show, The Beautiful Life, has been officially released from Cedar-Sinai Hospital following a week long stay for as yet unknown medical issues and psychiatric problems. The A-list TV actress had been arrested for a Los Angeles DUI in 2008 and convicted of a misdemeanor for which she received three years of probation.293.barton.mischa.122707.jpg

At the time of Barton’s arrest last year, fans and industry insiders alike worried whether she could overcome her issues and keep her career on track. Barton surprised the naysayers by demonstrating a string of fine performances in her new CW soap. And the show’s EP, Ashton Kutcher, reassured a nervous network that “Mischa Barton is going great.” However, other sources reportedly close to the actress have expressed concern that Barton may still be struggling with extensive substance abuse problems.

It may behoove the starlet to consult a Los Angeles DUI defense attorney before her alleged problems lead her down the path of recividism. Individuals arrested multiple times for driving under the influence in Southern California can be subjected to an array of painful, long term penalties. For instance:

• Second time offenders – if convicted of two Los AngelesDUIs within a ten year period, you will face a mandatory minimum of four days in jail, 18 months in alcohol school, and significant court costs and fines. In addition, the court may suspend your driver’s license for up to two years and impose other penalties, such as ordering that you install an interlock device in your car.

• Third time offenders – if convicted of two misdemeanor Pasadena DUIs within a ten year period, you’ll be sentenced to a minimum of 120 days in custody, and your license could be suspended for up to three years. In addition, you’ll likely face stiffer fines and court costs, stricter probation terms, and other penalties.

• Fourth time offenders – if you’re convicted for four California DUIs within a span of just ten years, you’ll be sentenced to 180 days in jail… that is, if the court rules your charge a misdemeanor. A felony fourth time Los Angeles DUI can land you a prison sentence of up to three years – even if you didn’t injure anyone or cause damage to property. In addition, you’ll suffer a driver’s license suspension of four years and an array of increased fines and penalties.

If you have recently been pulled over for a Los Angeles DUI, and it’s not your first time going through the process, you likely could benefit significantly from the advice of an experienced attorney. The Law Offices of Michael Kraut provide free consultations to multiple DUI offenders. Michael Kraut has a tremendous amount of experience. For 14 years, he served as the city’s Deputy District Attorney. He also boasts a strong background in DUI and criminal defense law. His unique background, Harvard Law education, and facility with the city’s legal system can empower your defense and ease some of the stress you’re no doubt feeling.

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